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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spring Riding Update

Wow, one heckuva week! In the past 7 days I’ve had days were I could wear my single layer Spring & Fall gear, to days where I was in full 4 layer Winter gear with the with heat cranked.

So, what you ask is full Winter gear? Thick socks, GorTex lined boots, long johns, heavy jeans, GorTex gaiters, Gerbing UnionStation heated riding pants (with suspenders), long sleeve shirt, sweat shirt, Gerbing heated coat liner, neoprene facemask (with glow-in-the dark vampire jaws), FirstGear lined Katmandu riding coat, FirstGear orange hi-visibility zippered vest & HJC Shorty helmet. If it’s raining hard, I’ll swap the shorty helmet & facemask for an HJC Full Face levered jaw snowmobile helmet. I also wear snowmobile extra heavy-duty gloves and WinterHands over bags for the hand grips.

How long does it take to gear up this far? Surprisingly, I can get from the shower to the bike in 7 minutes. Normally I like to do it a bit more leisurely pace.

The forecast is for a nice Spring-like day tomorrow, so I’m planning on wearing the leathers and riding the Indian. Wish me the best. I think I have the electrical issues licked. But, we know that there are no guarantees with the Chief!

Got some interesting developments coming on some other fronts, but I’m quite at liberty to talk about them yet. Maybe next week.

In the mean-time, I’m making progress toward the new bike slowly but surely. I’m coming around to the idea that I’m probably going to have to sell the Chief to make it happen. It breaks my heart, but what I need now is an everyday commuter not a temperamental beauty queen. I’m still thinking that the Victory Vision Tour is next bike for me. It’ll make a good commuter and give me long trip ability.

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