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Friday, March 12, 2010

First Post

So, what is this Blog about? I'm starting with a stream of consciousness thing, and we'll see where it goes from there.

I'm home sick today, and being sick in the PNW (Pacific Northwest, for you noobs) is extra special. It's cold rainy and crappy outside and that's a perfect complement for my mood. The animals are sacked out with me in the living room. Tawny in the spare moose chair, Xena in her usual spot on my feet keeping me warm. Chester the cat is laying on my chest making it hard to type. How do animals always know when you need comfort?

We had the new garage door installed yesterday, and I'm as excited as I can be. The installer did a great job installing it, and it has a remote opener. The old door was made of wood, soaked through with water and weighed a couple of tons. Just lifting daily it was an act in hernia avoidance! Now, when I come home from work, I won't even have to climb off the bike!

It's been a few days of riding with the heated gear plugged in. I don't miss that aspect of the ride, but I do yearn for it on days when I don't ride. Even in craptacular weather like this, it's more enjoyable to ride than drive. You just have to know how to gear up.

Speaking of gearing up, for those of you unfamiliar, I use Gerbing heated gear. I'm sure other people make heated riding gear, but these folks are local, guarantee the electrics for life, and make great quality stuff. I resisted getting heated gear for years, but now that I have it, I wonder why. The difference between finishing a ride so cold you're barely functional and finishing a ride warm and comfortable is worth whatever they charge.

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